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About Health Focus, Inc.

Get the Top-Notch Trianing You Deserve


Health Focus, Inc. is a foundation of excellence intent to promote the professionalism and growth in health care practices for our students who have full potential. With this objective, we thrive in maintaining a learning atmosphere that enhances and advances a high level of practical training, knowledge, and integrity needed to pursue a dedicated career in the field of health.


The mission of Health Focus, Inc. is to provide the information and skills that will enable allied health care personals to provide quality care in a hospital, doctor’s office, nursing homes as well as home health care settings.


Through our interactive classes, activities, supplemental reading materials as well as well-experienced instructors, our students are given a rich clinical preparatory, helping them engage firsthand the theory, practice, and application in their chosen health professions.


  • People choose us because we have:

  • Affordable Tuition

  • Accessible Location (Buses 15 & 47)

  • Convenient Schedules

  • Experienced Teachers

  • Caring Staff 


Health Focus, Inc. strives to prolong the quality of our curriculum, foster a professional practicing environment, recognize the talents in every one of our learners, support educational developments and provide innovative resources for training and research to develop the careers and get our students into best practices.

Come to the training ground that supports your aspirations and promotes your potentials. Enroll with Health Focus, Inc. today.

Our Course Offerings

Why Others Have Chosen Us


At Health Focus, Inc., we emphasize the skills to make you succeed.


At Health Focus, Inc., we do all that we can to see that money will not stop you.

Personal Touch

At Health Focus, Inc.. we tailor our methods to suit your background

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