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Online/Hybrid Programs



  1. Patient Care Technician (PCT) 

  2. Restorative Care Aide


To start an online program, you must register and make your payment to be provided with the login information. After registration and payment, you are to log into your courses and attend the Orientation 101. It is very mandatory that you attend the orientation 101 module


You will have to attend each module in the course. Within each module, you will be required to take all quizzes. You will be graded for attending each module the accompanying quizzes within each module. You must attend and listen to all the lectures and take all the quizzes. 


To complete the online modules of the program (PCT Technician course or the Restorative Care Aide course) you are required to achieve a minimum of 70% on all quizzes and satisfy a 100% attendance. It is recommended that you follow the course plan to complete the program on time. 











Technical Helpline


Any student having any problems with the online class should call the school, at:


  • 410- 488-6600, or 1-845-666-0116 


(Students calling this number must identify themselves as students of Health Focus, Inc.)


Technical difficulties may include, but not limited to:


  • Logging into the online course

  • Being timed out of course activities

  • Inability to navigate or use the course web site tools 

In-Class Programs



  1. Certified Nursing Assistant/Geriatric Nursing Assistant Program (CNA/GNA)

  2. Certified Medication Technician Program (CMT)

  3. CPR/AED Training Programs

  4. First Aid Training Program


Health Focus, Inc. is an approved private career school. The school offers the above in-class programs on campus. The school has adequate and well-equipped classrooms and skills labs. The clinical portions of the programs are conducted at various clinical locations in the Baltimore metropolitan area. 




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