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The Patient Care Technician Online/Hybrid Program


Course Description

Our PCT program trains you to support nurses, doctors and other medical staff in caring for patients with varying physical and mental health needs. As a Patient Care Technician, you can be employed in lots of different healthcare settings, such as hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, assisted living communities and more.

Under the supervision of a nurse another appropriate member of the care team, you will be trained to directly support patients during hospital stays and medical visits, to:


  • Provide quality patient care that includes emotional support and guidance

  • Obtain specimens, conduct tests, and record results

  • Check blood pressure, heart rate, and pulse on a regular basis

  • Monitor patient condition and provide updates to care-team

  • Monitor patients’ food and liquid intake

  • Escort patients to X-ray and other diagnostic imaging processes


Apply for our Patient Care Technician program today.

Course Structure

This course is structured with a course map that will guide you to complete the course on time. The course has audio presentations to keep you engaged in the learning process. You will see a number of quizzes within each module to evaluate your learning outcomes. Those quizzes and final exams will give you feedback about your progress into the course as you proceed from one module to another.

31 Course Modules

The course is composed of 8 modules. Each module has the information you need to successfully complete the course.

Course Map

We have solved the problem of online learning by developing a unique Course Map Plan, which, if followed will lead to successful completion of the online course in the recommended time frame.

Login Anytime

You can log into the online classroom anytime, anywhere at your convenience to view the lessons, take quizzes and all activities so long as you perform the required task within the allotted time.

Attendance & Grading

For each of the 8 modules, you will be assessed based on graded quizzes and your attendance.

Audio Presentations

Most of the presentations within the modules consist of well-prepared audio narrations to keep you well engaged throughout the learning process.

Midterm & Final Exams

To gauge the candidate's knowledge obtained by completing the modules, a mid-term and a final exam is available. 

Module Quizzes

Each module has a stop and quiz section that would allow you to answer questions and also consolidate the information you have gained.

Tutorial Videos

To make the learning process easy, you will find lots of videos created on a virtual blackboard for seamless engagement and easy understanding.

Competency Checklist

A complete module is dedicated towards competency skills required for the course.

How to Start the Program

To start an online program, you must register and make your payment to be provided with the login information. After registration and payment, you are to log into your courses and attend the Orientation 101. It is very mandatory that you attend the orientation 101 module


You will have to attend each module in the course. Within each module, you will be required to take all quizzes. You will be graded for attending each module the accompanying quizzes within each module. You must attend and listen to all the lectures and take all the quizzes. 


To complete the online modules of the program you are required to achieve a minimum of 70% on all quizzes and satisfy a 100% attendance. It is recommended that you follow the course plan to complete the program on time. 

Your Expenses

Main Expenses


  • Registration – $199 (Payable to OPRET)

  • Tuition – $750

  • Books & materials – $150

  • Lab Fee – $100

  • CPR/AED, First Aid Blood Borne pathogen – $90 


Main Course Expenses = $1,289.00

3% fee charged by payment processors: $38.67

Total Main Expenses: $1,289 + $38.67 = $1,327.67


Additional Student Responsibilities


  • Certification Exam – $150 (Payable to American Education Certification)
    (To be paid towards the completion of the program)


Grand Total Cost = $1477.67 


Payment Options


Full Payment:


  • The Total Main Expenses of $1,327.67 are due before students can register.


Installment Option:


We also have 3 installment payment options.


  • 1st Installment: $442.56 with registration

  • 2nd Installment: $442.56 two weeks after registration

  • 3rd Installment: $442.56 two weeks after registration


Method of Payment


Payments are made in the form of:


  • Paypal

  • Visa

  • MasterCard

  • Discover cards 


Grants/Payment Plans:


Health Focus, Inc. participates in Tolbert grant. We also have convenient payment plans to enable you to complete your studies under a manageable budget. Information on this program is available at the school. 


Our Non-Discrimination Policy


Health Focus, Inc. does not discriminate and will admit students of any race, color, nationality or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at our institution. 


Technical Helpline

Any student having any problems with the online class should call the school, at:


  • 410-488-6600, or 1-845-666-0116 


(Students calling this number must identify themselves as students of Health Focus, Inc.)


Technical difficulties may include, but not limited to:


  • Logging into the online course

  • Being timed out of course activities

  • Inability to navigate or use the course web site tools 

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